About Dr. Ghanem

Originally from Jerusalem, Dr. Muhammad Ghanem, a board-certified general and bariatric surgeon came to Orlando for his residency. In fact, this was Dr. Ghanem‘s second residency giving him an unusual degree of training and clinical experience. Today, Dr. Ghanem performs a full suite of bariatric procedures including the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and SADI. Alongside Dr. Teixeira, Dr. Ghanem is working to make endoscopic bariatric procedures more successful and more accessible for patients that qualify.

Dr. Ghanem‘s practice is one that prioritizes safety above all else, but his patients enjoy a level of personalized attention that is rarely found in today’s medical and surgical landscape. Indeed, seeing his patients’ incredible results – not only in losing weight and improving their comorbidities but also in the psychological and emotional changes – is truly special and unique to bariatric surgery.

When not in surgery, Dr. Ghanem enjoys travel and outdoor adventures and activities alongside his lovely fiancé. You may also be able to spot Lucy, their dog in one of our early podcast episodes that can be viewed here: